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High-quality renovation and property management services

Since 2011, Merfeld, Inc. has been providing high-quality renovation and property management services to commercial and residential clients in the Chicago area.   As a family owned and operated business, we take our commitment to quality and customer service seriously.

Restoration and construction

Our services include:

Expansions. Additions. Renovations. Damage Repair. Framing. Drywall. Paint. Exterior Finishes. Carpentry. Cabinetry. Flooring. Interior and Exterior Lighting. Electrical. Parking Lot Fixtures

Facility management

Our facility management services include:

Building Maintenance. Building Exterior and Interior Cleaning. Custodial Services. Tenant Move-In and Move-Out. Carpet and Floor Cleaning. Office and Industrial Settings. Tenant Services

A member of


Our current clients include multi-complex industrial companies, as well as, private residential properties and home builders.  Please contact us for an estimate and more information on how we can serve you.